EN AW1050 Al 99,5 Sheets, Strips, Circles, Wire and Slabs General purpose Al-Mg Alloy with not very high mechanical properties and high dimensional stability.
Alloy used in the industrial sector for roofing and producing tableware. Optimal resistance to corrosion, good welding and deep-drawing properties
EN AW2011
(11 S)
Al Cu Bi Pb Rods Alloy used in small metal parts. Excellent substitute for brass rods for making particularly resistant and light parts.
EN AW2030 Al Cu Mg Pb Rods Alternative to Alloy 2011. Offers good mechanical properties and optimal machinability. Suitable for subsequent anodization treatment.
EN AW5083 (Peraluman) Al Mg4,5 Mn Sheets Al-Mg alloy for general use featuring excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
Mechanical properties not very high. Good welding properties. Weldable for smelting.
This alloy offers optimal toughness at ambient as well as low temperatures.
EN AW6060 (Anticorodal) Al Mg Si0,5 Tubes, Profiles and Rods Due to its good cold forming properties and optimal resistance to corrosion, this alloy is used in the appliance, construction and window/door sectors.
EN AW6082 (Anticorodal) Al Si1 Mg Mn  Rods, Profiles, Tubes, Slabs, Sheets and Wire Aluminium-silicon-magnesium-manganese alloy for general use.
Good resistance qualities, at the top of the 6000 series alloys Good resistance to corrosion. Optimal welding properties.
Good machinability.
Alloy used in building structures, automobile constructions, transport and forging materials.
EN AW7075 (Ergal) Al Zn Mg Cu 1,5 Rods Alloy used for structural parts subject to severe stress (aeronautical and arms industries).